Thursday, 16 August 2012

Ultra Sound Scan

Ultrasound scanning is a medical term that is used for that makes use of sound waves for creating images of organs and structures inside your body. Free from the usage of radiations, this process is harmless and thus, widely recommended by the doctors. Based on advance technologies, ultra sound scanning is used for a number of medical treatments. It is used for monitoring the growth of the unborn child, for finding out the abnormalities in the heart structures like valves and many more. Moreover, these tests are also useful in finding out the abnormal widening of blood vessels in the human body. It is a painless process that helps in examining the internal body parts without causing any cuts and surgeries.

With growth in the medical sector, the techniques of ultra sound scanning are also advancing. There are a number of diagnostic centers, hospitals and pathology labs that are providing the facility of ultra sound scanning to the patients. One of the credible and well known centres involved in offering this service is Diagnostic Affair. This centre has been well equipped with latest medical equipments and tools for carrying forward respective tests and scanning process for your treatments. Proper safety measures in compliance with the medical sector are followed by diagnostic affair.

This diagnostic centre has a team of experienced doctors, who possess years of experience in this field. Extreme care is taken by them while performing the ultra sound tasks thus, avoiding any chance of mishap. Accurate reports are generated immediately after conducting the proper analysis of the tests. The doctors make sure to understand the exact problem of the patient and conduct the test accordingly.

At diagnostic affair, you are provided with facility of different ultra sound scans. These include pelvic ultrasound scan, ultrasound scan for pregnancy, and abdominal ultrasound scan. The different types of ultra sound scanning that are undertaken at diagnostic affair are described below:

  • 4D Ultra Sound : This type of ultrasound makes use of a unique sonogram machine that captures images from different angles thus resulting in revealing detailed images of fetus. Baby’s movements during the process are also captured through this particular process of ultrasound. Advance machines are used for carrying out these tests those results in having appropriate and accurate reports for the process. 

  • 2D Ultra Sound : The process of 2D ultrasound works on the concept of sound waves that bounce off the objects inside pregnant women thus, producing an image of growing fetus. This process takes a time of 20 to 30 minutes and is absolutely safe and reliable for both mother and child. Being a reliable way for determining baby’s age, due date, identifying multiple pregnancies, to check for obvious birth defects and monitoring baby’s growth and movements, this process is adopted by various medical centers.

  • Color Doppler : Another important type of ultrasound scanning is Color Doppler ultrasound. This process is an impeccable medical imaging technique that is used for visualizing the blood flow. Usage of color processing by the machine, adds colors to the image thus, providing doctor with a clear view of the happenings within the body.

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